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Mrs. Tammy Kleckner, Principal

Mrs. Tammy KlecknerGo to St. Joseph SchoolMrs. Kleckner joined St. Joseph School in 2013. She has helped educate and form the lives of many children who have walked the halls of our fine facility. She has a gentle yet firm approach to the care, growth and discipline of our youth. With a strong faculty behind her, she offers an excellent, well-rounded Catholic education. Her concern for the safety of the children and encouragement of parental involvement helps make St. Joe's School the excellent educational institution it is. Visit the School's site using the icon above.

Fr. Jan F. Kaplan, Associate Pastor

Father Jan KaplanAfter completing theological studies at the Seminary in Siedlce, Poland, Fr. Jan Kaplan was ordained in 1967. After a period of ten years serving in Poland as a parish priest, Fr. Jan requested and was granted permission to serve as a missionary in Argentina.
   Eight years later he accepted an assignment to minister in Canada, a ministry which lasted 13 years.
   Father Kaplan's work in the United States began in 1999 in Chicago as an Associate Pastor at Saints Cyril and Methodius in Lemont (five years) as well as at Transfiguration in Wauconda (two years). He was then appointed Pastor of St. Ladislaus Parish in Chicago. Father Jan then accepted a temporary assignment as Administrator of Holy Cross in Deerfield.
   Fr. Kaplan's mother, four sisters, and two brothers still reside in Poland.

Mr. David Bresemann, Deacon

Mr. Joel Ruiz, Deacon

Mrs. Dianne Raihle, Director of Religious Education

Dianne RaihleOpen PRAISE siteMrs. Raihle has been both coordinator of our religious education program and a member of the parish for 20 years. Her dedication to and love for the children has been the driving force in establishing a sound formation and sacramental preparation program for our children, a program that numbers over 700 participants. She also offers great support to the many volunteers, our catechists, who give so much of themselves to the Catholic formation of our youth. Check the PRAISE site using the above icon or come by and visit the office.

Rectory telephone and office hours ...

Tele: 847-546-3610

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